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Our mission at NACE: To provide food and clothing for people in need through the generosity of our community.


Food Shelf Distribution

NACE is a source of free healthy and nutritious food in  our community.  We often provide other critical resources such as clothing, holiday meal packs,   birthday bags,   weekend packs and back to school supplies. We   directly serve local residents who suffer from hunger and food insecurity.

We rely heavily on organizations and private citizens to provide a steady supply of monetary donations along with fresh produce, dairy products, meats and breads, and a wide range of canned goods.

Clothing Closet

Welcome to the Clothing Closet!  We continue to offer shopping inside to families.  We look forward to seeing you!


  • We accept clothing during our hours of operation (Mon-Thurs).  We ask that clothing be clean, gently used, and in season.

  • We are unable to accept toys & household items.




  • Year-Round (Always Needed):  Tops (t-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts), Pants (JEANS, leggings, slacks, sweatpants), Dresses & Skirts, NEW Underwear & Socks, Shoes, Extras (jewelry, belts, purses), Linens, Towels & Blankets

  • Fall/Winter (In Season):  Jackets & Coats, Hats & Scarves, Mittens & Gloves, Snow-pants, Winter Boots, Sweaters & Fleece

  • Spring/Summer (In Season):  Tops (short sleeve, sleeveless, tank tops), Shorts & Capris, Swimsuits, Sandals, Spring Jackets & Sweatshirts



This winter we have given away over 700 coats and jackets plus hundreds of blankets to the families we serve. Thanks to all of our generous donors who have made this outreach possible!!!


Holiday Meal Packs

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when we all like to come together to share a meal with family and friends.  We work with partners in our local community to ensure that every family can have these special meals.  We are always looking for partners such as organizations and churches to help make these meals possible.

Birthday Gift Bags

We believe that every child is a blessing and deserves to feel special on their birthday.

We prepare a birthday gift bag for children ages 1-17 when their family visits the food shelf the month of their birthday.

Each Birthday Gift Bag includes a cake mix, frosting, candles, and a gift for the child.


Crisis Packs

We are not always open and available when a need arises.  For that reason, we have available non-perishable crisis packs for local churches or organizations that desire to help individuals in a crisis.  These packs allow individuals access to food to get them through the night or weekend. 

Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS)

NAPS is a federal program administered by the Minnesota Department of Health. We have partnered to be a distribution site.  This program provides a food package to seniors. The package comes with a newsletter with healthy eating and other educational information.  It is available once each month and is distributed on the third Thursday of each month.


Weekend Packs

Many children receive free or reduced meals while at school.  They rely on the food provided at school for their meals.  When they go home, there may be a shortage of food over the weekend.  We are working with local schools to help these children bridge the gap by providing a bag of readymade or easy-to-fix kid-friendly food. 

Summer Packs

During the summer children and their families that relied on school breakfasts and lunches to help feed their children lose that option. We have a program to help fill the gap by providing a bag of kid-friendly, easy-to-fix food during June, July, and August to families with school-age children.


Home Delivery

Our Home Delivery Program provides groceries and builds positive relationships with homebound participants in Northern Anoka County.

There are many reasons an individual can find themselves homebound and unable to access groceries.  Senior citizens or those with disabilities or perhaps a health reason.  For these individuals, we are here to help. Volunteers will pack up groceries once a month and deliver them to their homes. 

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